Hunting Knife As A Gift For My Man

Is A Hunting Knife A Proper Gift For A Man?

A top hunting knife is a tool a good hunter won’t wish to miss in his adventure bag. Sometimes it is needed at the crucial time especially when the prey is captured and you intend to dress it down and pack the fresh.

Weather conditions, distance, and alertness is all the hunter keeps fighting and this knife should provide a deserved solution at this time.

Hunting as a group or alone will be accompanied by how best your knife is.

It should serve you better and accomplish most of the task under one roof. Hunting is known as the best recreational activity in the world as well as which you need a maximum survival mode.

Features of this awesome knife

Cutting edge: During this time you will need a sharp knife and a file in your possession. The diamond sharpener is known for its best filing feature and making a sharp edge thus the best for the task.

At this time you will need a multi-purpose knife that matches your requirement. This knife has a strong blade plus a saw blade for your cutting which is fast and secure.

Safety pack: Your hunting knife is known to be sharp, it will also be a hazardous feeling to leave or handle it when not placed in its safety pack. A top hunting knife is easier to handle as well as soft to hold. Having a rubber handle will make it soft to hold and tight especially in a wet situation like skinning and cutting.

Strong steel and stainless: This knife doesn’t rust even on being exposed to water, blood and other fluid during hunting it will be easy to clean. Striking the hard bones is easy now with this type of steel.

Firelighter: Yes I mean it right! A good knife will feature a lighter to enable you to warm up in harsh weather plus setting up a fire for a roast. It is fast and convenient to use this with waterproof effect and therefore good for your all-weather hunting experience.

The inch blade: Absolutely you will need a one-time cutting edge plus a strong and sharp edge. This knife needs to ease your task and provide a safe way too. A good knife is which you can do most of the cores around hunting like chopping firewood, cutting of bones and hacking the prey.

This hunting knife should be your security when things turn bad, it should be easy to use and store. A whistle is the best feature in this knife creating alertness and a communication gadget.


Getting the best hunting knife cannot be gotten from a local marketplace, it will be through a good research and be getting it from the prominent manufacturer and supplier.

This knife ought to provide a service that is extemporary beyond the intended one. The best-placed knife will come with an inclusive cutting edge like a saw for cutting off bones and avoiding the sharp ones from getting into the steak meat.

What Men Wish Women Knew

1. Men are more sensitive than realize.

Most women don’t believe me when I tell them this.

Men statistically have a harder time coping with a breakup than do women.

They are not biologically designed to have the capacity of processing through feelings like women. Because of this men have a hard shell around their heart that keeps them from getting hurt. They only open up that shell WHEN IT FEELS SAFE.

Not when a woman is demanding for them to “Open Up”.

A man feels safe when he thinks a woman understands him.

They don’t have to agree with them (even though that is nice), but they need to convey that they have considered his opinion. What often happens is many women want a man to open up and when he begins talking, they take over.

Soon the conversation is focused on the woman and the man simply quits talking.

In his mind, “What’s the point?” Remember ladies, you are probably better at communication than most men. Because of this most men don’t want to feel they are competing with you to talk. Help them out by listening and in time they will seek you out more.

2. How you think about yourself makes more of an impression on men than having a perfect body.

Men don’t obsess about a woman’s body has much has women think.

I know you think I’m wrong but I’m not. Men certainly are more visual than women but what men notice about a woman is primarily her ability to be at ease around men.

If she seems to like herself, men will have a much more favorable view of her.

I have known women who were stunning to look at but once they opened their mouth and words came out, all desire for her evaporated. Most men are like this.

One of the best ways to act confident is to ask questions. They don’t have to be the funniest or clever, but simply show an interest in him (this works for wives has well). Someone who is pressing in to get to know us will always seem more attractive.

Every man would tell you that they want to date/marry someone who is stunning.

Yet many men tell me that they dated someone whom they did not initially think was their type but after they got to know them they couldn’t imagine being with someone else.

A woman who feels she is a good catch will have come across has relaxed. That quality is what men long to marry.

3. Men respond to a woman’s invitation.

John Gray pointed this out well in his famous book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, that women send the signals and men respond to them.

Yes, sending a signal is who a woman gives the man a “go” signal. Men need some indication that a woman will say yes before approaching her.

This is often not the case in bars where guys go up to women whether there is a “you may approach me” signal and they have terrible results. Their hit to miss ratio is horrible. Women send signals whether they realize it or not, yet many women fear they will come across as pushy, or easy.

Here is a way to let a guy know you are interested without walking up to him. It comes from the book, Getting to I Do, by Dr. Patricia Allen. It is called the 5-second stare. If you see someone you are interested in, look at him and simply stare at him for a FULL five seconds. Remember to smile when you do this.

I promise he will get the message. The rest is up to him but you will definitely have let him know that it is safe to proceed.