Hunting Knife As A Gift For My Man

Is A Hunting Knife A Proper Gift For A Man?

A top hunting knife is a tool a good hunter won’t wish to miss in his adventure bag. Sometimes it is needed at the crucial time especially when the prey is captured and you intend to dress it down and pack the fresh.

Weather conditions, distance, and alertness is all the hunter keeps fighting and this knife should provide a deserved solution at this time.

Hunting as a group or alone will be accompanied by how best your knife is.

It should serve you better and accomplish most of the task under one roof. Hunting is known as the best recreational activity in the world as well as which you need a maximum survival mode.

Features of this awesome knife

Cutting edge: During this time you will need a sharp knife and a file in your possession. The diamond sharpener is known for its best filing feature and making a sharp edge thus the best for the task.

At this time you will need a multi-purpose knife that matches your requirement. This knife has a strong blade plus a saw blade for your cutting which is fast and secure.

Safety pack: Your hunting knife is known to be sharp, it will also be a hazardous feeling to leave or handle it when not placed in its safety pack. A top hunting knife is easier to handle as well as soft to hold. Having a rubber handle will make it soft to hold and tight especially in a wet situation like skinning and cutting.

Strong steel and stainless: This knife doesn’t rust even on being exposed to water, blood and other fluid during hunting it will be easy to clean. Striking the hard bones is easy now with this type of steel.

Firelighter: Yes I mean it right! A good knife will feature a lighter to enable you to warm up in harsh weather plus setting up a fire for a roast. It is fast and convenient to use this with waterproof effect and therefore good for your all-weather hunting experience.

The inch blade: Absolutely you will need a one-time cutting edge plus a strong and sharp edge. This knife needs to ease your task and provide a safe way too. A good knife is which you can do most of the cores around hunting like chopping firewood, cutting of bones and hacking the prey.

This hunting knife should be your security when things turn bad, it should be easy to use and store. A whistle is the best feature in this knife creating alertness and a communication gadget.


Getting the best hunting knife cannot be gotten from a local marketplace, it will be through a good research and be getting it from the prominent manufacturer and supplier.

This knife ought to provide a service that is extemporary beyond the intended one. The best-placed knife will come with an inclusive cutting edge like a saw for cutting off bones and avoiding the sharp ones from getting into the steak meat.

How to Seduce a Man

How Do you Seduce A Man?

Now imagine what it would be like to know that you could get any man you wanted!

Imagine walking into a room or down the street, knowing that you look sophisticated, confident, and self-assured…and that men everywhere are gazing at you in admiration, longing to have even just a minute of your time!

No matter how old you are, whether you’ve been married before, or what you look like, this information applies to you. In virtually all cases, the results of my information will astound you!

You’re going to save time, money, and stress by learning techniques that won’t just help you attract attention but that will get guys to fall in love with you for long-term commitment and marriage.

You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to!

If you settle for an unhappy love life or no love life at all, you’ll put yourself at a higher risk of depression, stress-related illness, and even financial strain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you want to learn what it really takes to transform your success with men right now, using the most comprehensive and most effective methods that exist – then you have to read everything I’m going to share with you. It’s that important.

My unique strategies will teach you:

How to get guys to feel an irresistible, gut-level attraction for YOU

How to overcome your shyness and start flirting with confidence!

Specific behavior patterns and techniques that will increase your personal beauty almost immediately

Comprehensive information on every aspect of attracting men, from where to meet them, conversation, dating, and how to build a satisfying and fulfilling relationship!

And much, much more, read on…

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it (no lists to memorize, no canned techniques) and it starts to work almost instantly!

You can’t afford to waste another minute listening to ineffective advice that well-meaning friends and family may be giving you.
Why do you think that so many women are having such a hard time finding love?


It’s because all the methods and tricks that you (and all your female friends) have been hearing about don’t actually work to attract high-quality men and will actually INHIBIT your ability to attract and seduce the kind of man you’ve always dreamed of.


What Men Wish Women Knew

1. Men are more sensitive than realize.

Most women don’t believe me when I tell them this.

Men statistically have a harder time coping with a breakup than do women.

They are not biologically designed to have the capacity of processing through feelings like women. Because of this men have a hard shell around their heart that keeps them from getting hurt. They only open up that shell WHEN IT FEELS SAFE.

Not when a woman is demanding for them to “Open Up”.

A man feels safe when he thinks a woman understands him.

They don’t have to agree with them (even though that is nice), but they need to convey that they have considered his opinion. What often happens is many women want a man to open up and when he begins talking, they take over.

Soon the conversation is focused on the woman and the man simply quits talking.

In his mind, “What’s the point?” Remember ladies, you are probably better at communication than most men. Because of this most men don’t want to feel they are competing with you to talk. Help them out by listening and in time they will seek you out more.

2. How you think about yourself makes more of an impression on men than having a perfect body.

Men don’t obsess about a woman’s body has much has women think.

I know you think I’m wrong but I’m not. Men certainly are more visual than women but what men notice about a woman is primarily her ability to be at ease around men.

If she seems to like herself, men will have a much more favorable view of her.

I have known women who were stunning to look at but once they opened their mouth and words came out, all desire for her evaporated. Most men are like this.

One of the best ways to act confident is to ask questions. They don’t have to be the funniest or clever, but simply show an interest in him (this works for wives has well). Someone who is pressing in to get to know us will always seem more attractive.

Every man would tell you that they want to date/marry someone who is stunning.

Yet many men tell me that they dated someone whom they did not initially think was their type but after they got to know them they couldn’t imagine being with someone else.

A woman who feels she is a good catch will have come across has relaxed. That quality is what men long to marry.

3. Men respond to a woman’s invitation.

John Gray pointed this out well in his famous book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, that women send the signals and men respond to them.

Yes, sending a signal is who a woman gives the man a “go” signal. Men need some indication that a woman will say yes before approaching her.

This is often not the case in bars where guys go up to women whether there is a “you may approach me” signal and they have terrible results. Their hit to miss ratio is horrible. Women send signals whether they realize it or not, yet many women fear they will come across as pushy, or easy.

Here is a way to let a guy know you are interested without walking up to him. It comes from the book, Getting to I Do, by Dr. Patricia Allen. It is called the 5-second stare. If you see someone you are interested in, look at him and simply stare at him for a FULL five seconds. Remember to smile when you do this.

I promise he will get the message. The rest is up to him but you will definitely have let him know that it is safe to proceed.

Saving a Marriage

How I Improved My Marriage: Ten-Fold In One Evening

It seems unlikely that anyone could improve his or her marriage in one evening.

Well this article on saving a marriage can help! Any positive step in the right direction is an improvement that will continue as long as the efforts continue to be made.

As our recent poll showed, more than 40% of our 207 respondents identified that the single biggest frustration in their marriage was that their husbands “Didn’t Communicate Enough”.

Below is a 8-step process to insure that both partners are communicating well.

Step #1 – Decide To Communicate

There are really only two options when it comes to communicating…either you do it or your don’t. It’s better to try and communicate and fumble around a bit than ignore the problem until it explodes like a pent up volcano.

The wise spouse will work to resolve and discuss their feelings before the lava of scalding words overflows.

Part of deciding to communicate will include setting aside a time each week to discuss family needs and concerns. This would also be a good time to resolve any minor conflicts that have arisen during the week but weren’t fully taken care of previously.

Step #2 – Choose A Good Time

If a more heated conflict occurs, it’s important to find the right time to discuss the matter. Waiting for your scheduled night for communicating would not be the best idea; however, taking a little time to give both partners time to cool off is important as well.

Working to resolve a big conflict should wait until a time when both parties are not wrung out, angry, tire, or hungry. Your physical state directly impacts your mental state and your ability to work through problems in a rational manner.

Additionally, as we allow ourselves time to calm down, we are better able to carefully think about what is really bothering us besides this specific event. In many cases, the topic of the current disagreement may not be the real problem.

As we take time to ponder and look for the root of the problem, we are better able to expand our vision to the whole picture and not just have tunnel vision of the current problem at hand. Keep in mind, it may just be we’ve had a bad day and this problem was the last straw.

It’s much easier to resolve a problem when we have a better perspective of what is really going on inside of our head and heart.

Step #3 – Neutralize Defenses

Before you have a deep discussion on something that is bothering you, consider two things. First, your spouse will be more receptive to the discussion if you reinforce your love, and express appreciation and confidence in their many attributes.

Second, you choose if you will be irritated or angry, so you need to express yourself in a away that acknowledges your responsibility for your feelings. “You make me so mad!” Really is a false statement because you have allowed yourself to become mad.

However, if you said, “When you make fun of me in front of our friends, it embarrasses me and I feel angry and frustrated,” you would be giving a very accurate statement about what has happened to you. Invite your spouse to help you solve this problem you are having, then they become part of the solution, not the problem.

Step #4 – Use Humor

Like they say, “laughter is the best medicine”. It’s true, physiologically, it relieves stress, and mentally it gives you a time out to relax. You will find that the longer you have been married, the more you have to laugh about.

Many things that were painful or frustrating at the time can be viewed with great humor years later.

Creating code words from some of these humorous events will help relieve tensions when a similar event threatens to evolve.

When either my husband or I say something that is insensitive to the work effort done by the other, all we have to say is “I hate kidney beans”, and the other one immediately realizes their actions are bordering on being insensitive.

It’s an easy way to control tense situations, prevent them from escalating and elicit a sincere, “I’m Sorry.”

A word of caution, be sensitive to the situation. There are times when humor is neither appropriate or too late in coming and will be viewed as sarcasm. Sarcasm has no place in true efforts to communicate.

Step #5 – Be Fair

Be careful when discussing sensitive issues and don’t fall into touchy subjects that you know will enflame the argument.

Looking for fair solutions may require compromising or acquiescing. Remember, you both need to give, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, to resolve conflicts.

Step #6 – Finding a Peaceful Stalemate

There are times when you need to just agree to disagree. You don’t always have to agree 100% with your spouse, so there are occasions when a peaceful stalemate would be appropriate. It is only a legitimate solution as long as it isn’t just putting off the blow up for another time.

A peaceful stalemate results in open discussion about your differences, why neither of you feel you can change at this time, and acceptance of each others differences.

Step #7 – Willingness to Change

When we truly feel loved, it gives us the freedom to risk changing and growing into a new and improved version of our old self.

As we nurture our marriage relationship, the love and acceptance we feel will be liberating as we make minor and sometimes major changes in whom we are.

Marriage is a wonderful opportunity to practice charity towards our spouse and provide a safe relationship where growth can occur.

Step #8 – Bolster Each Other

No matter what solution you have arrived at, it’s important to always express love and confidence in each other after a disagreement. As we show this love in days to come, it will be clear that no one is harboring ill feelings about the disagreement and that it was truly resolved.

When both partners feel loved and supported in their relationship after a disagreement, it’s easier to resolve future problems with love and respect.

By applying these eight communication steps, you have now discovered how you can change your marriage in one evening. It will take practice, but with time, you will find that your marriage has improved more than ten-fold.

Find out more on our site.

The Five Mistakes Married Women Make

Here are five common financial mistakes married women make along with some advice on how to avoid them.

1. Mistake: Handing Over the Purse Strings
“Ignorance is not bliss,” says Patricia Powell, a CFP based in Martinsville, N.J. By not engaging in the family finances, women set themselves up for potential hardships. Powell says she has worked with at least two clients who managed their finances perfectly well while they were single, only to file for bankruptcy after they got married because of their husbands’ premarital debt and extravagant spending habits.

Solution: Pay Attention to the Household Finances
Both partners should attend the meetings with insurance agents, accountants, financial planners and lawyers, says Watchung, N.J.-based Kaye. Women should also look over monthly bank statements and credit-card bills. And Kaye recommends that couples make a list of all bank and brokerage accounts and insurance policies and keep it with other important documents, such as wills and medical directives.

2. Mistake: Losing Your (Financial) Identity

When Elizabeth Lundin (who asked that we not use her real name), now 33 years old, got married six years ago, her husband offered to take over the couple’s finances. She happily agreed. The couple merged all of their bank accounts, and Lundin even gave up her individual American Express card and started using a shared credit card.

Two years later, when the couple decided to divorce, Lundin learned that the couple’s credit card was actually held in her husband’s name, and that she was simply an authorized user. Her name was taken off that account, and she let many months go by before trying to secure credit in her name. When she tried, she found that her lack of an active credit history worked against her. She was offered only high-rate cards with small lines of credit.

According to Craig Watts, spokesman for Fair Isaac, the company that helps generate consumer FICO scores (the most common credit score used), the credit bureaus won’t calculate a score for an individual whose credit history has been inactive for six months or longer.

“[Recent] college graduates had an easier time securing credit than I did,” Lundin says. She says it took her two years to get a card with a competitive interest rate and sizable credit line.

Solution: Maintain Some Individual Accounts
“You always want to maintain your own credit identity,” says Lisa Caputo, president and CEO of Women & Co., a division of Citigroup. She recommends that couples keep three bank accounts (his, hers and ours) and maintain separate credit cards.

Identity Theft Prevention:

3. Mistake: Walking Away From Your Career

The number of stay-at-home moms has increased by 15% over the past decade, according to 2003 U.S. Census data. While you might welcome the chance to stay home with your kids, the longer you’re out of the work force, the harder it can be to jump back in. Women often face lowball wages or lower job titles when they try to return to work after a long hiatus.

Solution: Keep Your Skills Fresh
It might be hard to do when you’re up to your eyeballs in dirty diapers, but unless you’re independently wealthy, you should always be aware that you might someday return to the work force for one reason or another. (Kids, after all, do grow up.)
So don’t lose touch completely. Try to take on consulting projects during your industry’s busy season and attend professional networking events.

Even charity work can give you a leg up when you start applying for a new job.

4. Mistake: Not Saving for Retirement
Many married women don’t make retirement-saving a priority. If the husband is the primary wage earner, the wife often trusts her spouse to save enough for their collective golden years, says Ginita Wall, a certified financial planner and co-founder of Women’s Institute for Financial Education, a San Diego-based nonprofit dedicated to educating women on finances. Compounding the problem, women are more likely than men to blow what little savings they have on something other than retirement. Nearly 25% of women who take a lump sum distribution from a retirement plan spend the money on general consumption, vs. 19% of men, according to the Employment Benefit Research Institute.

A woman spending her retirement savings is particularly distressing considering that women, on average, live six years longer than men.

Solution: Penny-Pinch Now for Your Future

Make saving for retirement a priority, says Women & Co.’s Caputo, even if it means stashing away less for your children’s college education. If you’re working, save as much as you can in your company’s retirement plan, or in an IRA. If you’re not employed, contribute to a spousal IRA, which has an annual contribution cap of $4,000 in 2005. Click here for more on these accounts.

5. Mistake: Asking for the House During a Divorce
When Borden separated from her husband, she decided her priority was to get custody of her two children. So she hired the best child custody lawyer she could find. Looking back, she says she now regrets her decision to focus on just one issue and wishes she had found a lawyer who had also looked out for her financial well-being. While she succeeded in getting custody of the kids, she is now struggling on the meager child-support payments her lawyer negotiated for her.

Borden’s story isn’t unusual. Women often focus so intently on winning custody of the children or keeping the house that they lose sight of the bigger financial picture, says’s Wall. On average, a woman’s standard of living decreases by 27% after divorce, according to Richard Peterson, of the Social Science Research Council.


When women are going through a divorce, they need to determine which assets will help them pay their bills and reach their long-term goals. Some women might want to consult a financial planner, says’s Wall. Too many women, says Wall, fight for the home to avoid uprooting their children, only to find that they don’t have the cash flow to pay for it.